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Ayodya Resort Bali Indonesia

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Ayodya Resort Bali stands as a testament to quintessential Balinese architecture and elegance. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of this resort in Bali, which is meticulously designed to emulate a Balinese water palace. Stone statues, fountains, carved reliefs, and lagoon pools narrate the theme of the Ramayana Epic, infusing the entire property with cultural richness. The resort is situated along the pristine beachfront and sprawls in an area of 29 acres of meticulously landscaped gardens adorned with enchanting lagoon pools. The property derives its name from Hindu Mythology, symbolizing the sacred place where King Rama and his beloved wife, Sita, lived joyously. The ambiance is a celebration of romance and harmony and offers top-notch amenities from swimming pool to restaurant to spa and wellness.

Things to Do

Uluwatu Temple is perched on majestic cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean. The spiritual ambiance makes this cultural landmark an enchanting experience.
The pristine Nusa Dua Beach is where white sands meet crystal-clear waters. One can bask in the tropical sun, take a leisurely stroll along the shore, or indulge in water activities for a perfect day of serenity by the sea.
When in Bali, it’s a must to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Bali at GWK Cultural Park. Here the colossal Garuda Wisnu statue, represents Indonesia's mythology, the intricately designed park, showcases the traditional dance performances and a
There is no match to the breathtaking beauty of Tanah Lot Temple, a sea temple perched on a rocky outcrop. The picturesque sunset views and the rhythmic sound of crashing waves provide a tranquil and spiritual experience at this iconic Balinese site.
For a shopping journey at Bali Collection, a vibrant shopping center that offers a plethora of shops, boutiques, and dining options. Guests can explore the local and international brands, savor diverse cuisines, and find unique souvenirs that encapsulate
Easy to get to. Hard to leave. 
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Indulge in utmost comfort at Ayodya Resort Bali that offers tranquil pools, a world-class spa, and a cutting-edge fitness center. Explore culinary delights at diverse restaurants and enjoy pristine beaches. Whether partaking in water sports or enjoying the morning yoga, every moment is a blend of opulence and leisure, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

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