Clarks Safari, Pushkar, Rajasthan
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Clarks Safari, Pushkar, Rajasthan

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Club Mahindra's associate property, Clarks Safari, Pushkar is located in the Ganehra village. This 15-acre lush oasis offers the most ultra-luxurious experience to travellers who choose to visit this ancient destination with their families. It offers best-in-class rooms overlooking a well-manicured lawn and a stunning view of the Aravalli mountains. It is also a place that offers generous space to host a private gathering, should one choose it as a venue.

Things to Do

The Pushkar Fair, also called the Pushkar Camel Fair or locally as Kartik Mela is an annual multi-day livestock fair and cultural event held in the town of Pushkar, Rajasthan. The fair is one of India's largest camel, horse and cattle fairs.
One of the grandest festivals in Pushkar is Holi. If you have never been to Pushkar during the festival of colours than you are missing out on some of the best memories of your life. People gather in different squares of the town in the morning.
Brahma Temple The Jagatpita Brahma Mandir, in Pushkar, is one of the few existing Hindu Temples in the world that are dedicated to Lord Brahma, the creator of the world. The 14th-century temple features a distinct pinnacle in red.
The Hindu scriptures call it the ‘Tirtha Guru’ the preceptor of pilgrimage sites related to a water body. Legend has it that the lake was created when Brahma dropped a lotus at this spot. Over 500 big and small temples surround the lake.
Apart from the world-famous Brahma Temple, Pushkar is also famous for Savitri Mata Temple. Situated atop the Ratnagiri Hill, Savitri Mata Temple draws ardent devotees all year round to its premises.
The local market in Pushkar is a verdant hue of colours. Tourists, hippies, families throng the local market selling unique handicrafts and delicacies which are also world-famous.
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Clarks Safari Pushkar makes for the perfect base camp to plan your holiday itinerary. Nestled in nature, it will welcome you back every evening as you return tired and drained from epic sightseeing excursions. The swimming pool will invite you for a rejuvenating dip while the spa treatments will wash away the day’s tiredness. As the evening progresses and night takes over, head to the multi-cuisine restaurant for a treat.

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